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A Streamlined Process to Bring Your Ideas to Life

Over our 50 years of custom-built marine hardware experience, we’ve been able to streamline the process of conceptualizing a unique idea and bringing it to life. We’ll work with you through every stage of the process from initial design to testing a prototype until it’s exactly what you need.

Metal Fabrication Design | CAD Drawings

1. Design

Boat manufacturers come to us with their design ideas for all types of new Stainless Steel or Aluminum parts, ranging from Grab Rails to T-Tops or towers. Oftentimes, these design concepts are provided to us in various forms; from a simple sketch to a complete CAD model. Upon the receipt of your design, our engineering team will review and break down your design to understand what it will take to bring your design to life. Note: The more specific and detailed you are with your design, the quicker our team will be able to help you conceptualize your ideas.


2. Engineering

Once our engineering team has determined what it will take to turn your design concept into a functional product, we review every detail to ensure it meets industry safety standards. We make certain that all products manufactured at GG Schmitt & Sons meet the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) standards. Our engineering team will work with your team throughout this process.

Metal Fabrication - Engineering
Quotation 6565-1


3. Quote

Although the quote is part of the early stages of development, it is not the first step. Once our engineering team has determined the requirements for your design concept and functionality thereof, assuring all the safety standards have been met, and reviewed all information with your team for approval, the quote process will begin. The standard quote will include the cost of development for the Prototype Model and the cost of the Production Parts, based on the Estimated Annual Usage and quantities previously provided to our team. Once information and designs have been approved by your team, we generally provide a quote to your team within a week of approval*. Once the quote has been approved, a Purchase Order must be submitted for the requested part. *Note: This is a standard lead time for a quote and is subject to change depending on complexity, communication, and other variables.

4. Prototyping

Once the quote has been approved by your team and an order has been acknowledged, we will begin the Prototype phase. The Prototype is the first tangible version of your design and is essentially the model for all future production parts of its kind. Upon completion of the prototype, we will send it to your team for approval. The prototype phase generally takes 5 to 6 weeks to complete but can vary depending on complexity. The anticipated lead time will be relayed to your team prior to this step.

Boat OEM prototype for metal fabrication project
Approval Form-1


5. Approval

Once your team has received the Prototype our teams will work closely finalizing the prototype and to ensure it is perfect. After the final approval has been confirmed, your team will submit the first Purchase Order for the production parts. The prototype department will finalize tooling and fixturing during the initial “production run”. Future production runs will be built in production once the tooling stage is complete and the part is released to production.


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